Our Voices - Angel of Light

The New York Choral Society
Event date: 
28 Feb 2023
Start Time: 
8:00 PM
Conductor / Keynote Speaker: 
David Hayes, Music Director

The newest installment of Our Voices, NYCHORAL’s series of innovative digital performances of a cappella choral works that offer new ways of discovering the relevance and beauty of choral music. Featuring the premiere of passages from composer Kevin Siegfried’s new cantata Angel of Light based on Shaker texts and tunes.

Angel of Light  is rooted in a unique period of Shaker history, the Era of Manifestations, roughly a decade from 1837-1847, when Shaker communities were caught up in an intense wave of spiritualism  and  experienced a tremendous outpouring of visionary songs, dances, and art.  Angel of Light seeks to create a musical space that amplifies, celebrates, and evokes the intensity of this Era and the many facets of this visionary Shaker repertoire.”  Kevin Siegfried

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