The Choral Entrepreneur: Charting Your Course

22 Jun 2017
3:15pm to 4:30pm
Howe Room, 33rd Floor
The Choral Entrepreneur

Do you dream about starting your own chorus? Or about bringing a new energy to a chorus you are already working with? Then the Choral Entrepreneur track at our Conference is for you. These sessions will help you tap into your entrepreneurial spirit, and deliver the basic nonprofit management skills needed for a successful career. Come to these interactive workshops ready to participate and learn from experienced leaders!

The Choral Entrepreneur track is co-facilitated by Marie Bucoy-Calavan and Brandon Elliott.

Charting Your Course

Being an entrepreneur is not just about the next big idea – it’s about making your idea great. Start off by brainstorming and thinking big, then use those dreams as a starting point for developing a mission and vision statement that will guide your organization’s work. This session will walk you through the questions you need to ask yourself to focus your ideas and understand how your organization and your community fit together.

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