For many choral singers, sight-singing is the scariest part of an audition. But with a little practice, you can get better at it. Here are some ideas to try before your next audition.

It’s a question many singers ask themselves, especially right before their chorus audition. What are conductors really looking for? Is it perfection?

What happens when a long-time relationship with an orchestra goes away—taking with it a third of your organization's income?  Shock, dismay, and then a determination to rally around your core mission.

The influence of R. Nathaniel Dett has shaped Roland Carter's career ever since Carter took his first piano lessons under the watchful gaze of Dett's picture. Now Professor Emeritus at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, Carter calls our attention to the 2014 centennial of Dett's "Listen to the Lambs."

Long-time singers will happily list numerous ways that choral singing enhances their lives. When those singers stay with the same chorus for many years, the benefits flow both ways. We spoke with seven singers who have sung with the same chorus for two or more decades about their experience and its value.

Every year, the movie awards season celebrates the best in film and acting. This year, we compiled our own list of nominations: the top films that should be on every choral music lover’s must-see list. The suggestions we received range from new releases to classic films and from light entertainment to inspiring stories. How many of these movies have you seen? What other titles do you think should make the list?

With the decline of print and the rise of digital media, the role of music criticism has changed. Veteran journalists share their thoughts on what the new landscape means for critics – and choruses.

What are the trends, challenges, and opportunities that are shaping choruses and choral music? A panel of leaders in the field weighs in.

As a young girl, Abbie Betinis noticed that singing “Caroling, Caroling” during the holidays always brought tears to her grandpa’s eyes. Later she would learn that the famous carol was one of many composed by her great uncle Alfred Burt, who was carrying on a family tradition of carol writing begun by his father, the Rev. Bates Burt. In 2001, Betinis, by then a composer herself, decided to pick up the family carol writing tradition.

This listening sampler accompanies the article "Carrying On a Family Tradition of Carol Writing."

Social media, email, text messaging, and more. Within the changing landscape of technology and communication methods, how do leaders of children/youth choruses navigate the most effective strategies for maintaining communication with choristers, parents, and alumni?

The holidays are an especially busy and rewarding time to be a choral singer  balancing family celebrations and errands with rehearsals and performances. In honor of the season, here’s a special list of telltale signs that you might be a singer in a chorus. 

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