A choral singer visits a contemporary sound installation inspired by a centuries-old piece of music.

For singers with sore throats or other vocal ailments, these herbal remedies may do the trick - naturally.

Kathleen Fargnoli didn't anticipate that her love for singing would lead her to putting together a board or applying for 501(c)(3) status. But that's exactly what happened when she ended up as the volunteer executive director of the Palisades Community Chorus in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

More past Fellows speak about the impact of their Masterclass experience.

Being appointed to chair a committee is the easy part. This practical advice, tested in the real world, will help ensure success.

For the composing team of Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory, inspiration usually comes in the form of a story that grabs them and won’t let go. Such was the case with “Beneath the African Sky”—a lullaby for a lost refugee girl that has become a cry for justice and a song of hope for children’s choruses around the world.

Using text from beloved author Lewis Carroll, composer Maurice Saylor adapted a well known "nonsense" poem into a full-length choral work for Cantate Chamber Singers (Washington DC). Gisele Becker, music director of the Singers and director of choral activities at George Washington University, explains the process of collaborating on a new composition derived from this unlikely source. 

Over the years, many talented conductors have participated in Chorus America’s Masterclasses. The Voice asked past Fellows to share where they are now, and how their Masterclass experience has shaped their different professional paths.

Max Janowski's Jewish liturgical works have become standard repertoire for many congregations. Jonathan Miller, founder and artistic director of Chicago a cappella, introduces us to a little-known Janowski cantata with a compelling message of peace.

A shared passion for singing led Ben Olinsky and his friends to create the 18th Street Singers, a Washington DC-based volunteer ensemble. Over the past nine years, the group has changed in size and membership, but the goal has remained the same: to make choral music more accessible to a new generation of audiences. 

Professional singer Justin Montigne has found that yoga improves "everything about his instrument." As a voice and yoga instructor, he shows others how to integrate the two practices. Here he demonstrates the five yoga poses that he finds most helpful for singers.

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