We all know that there is something special about being a choral singer. In fact, Chorus America's research shows that singers are more likely to be good citizens that make positive contributions to their communities than people who don't sing in a chorus. However, there are other qualities that set chorus members apart in ways that are a bit more...unique. With some creativity and the help of our Facebook followers, we came up with 11 signs that you might be a choral singer.

A singer discovers that while life can be hard, singing is heartening. And singing with other people, in particular. Excerpted from Imperfect Harmony: Finding Happiness Singing With Others by Stacy Horn.

Chorus America’s Noteworthy web series highlights choral repertoire that may not be familiar to you—yet. Each month, a different conductor, music director, or other artistic professional recommends a piece of music that hasn't been widely noticed, but in his or her opinion, deserves to be heard.

Making time to incorporate movement exercises during rehearsal can be a challenge, but a number of conductors are finding that it makes a real difference in the way their groups sing.

Choruses are finding crowdfunding success, from raising money for specific projects to participating in community giving events.

Today's GLBT choruses continue to be places to unite in common causes, but their perspectives have changed along with the times.

It’s important to consider whether endowment fundraising is right for your chorus and to carefully plan before taking the leap.

Brett Stover grew up singing in choirs and has served on the boards of an array of music and arts groups in Cincinnati. Now he brings his business savvy and love of the performing arts to Chorus America's Board of Directors. "The more people who are singing, the better off we will all be," he says.

The article "Should Choruses Memorize Their Music?" shares memorization techniques that choruses have found helpful. In this followup piece, Gary Holt, artistic director of the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus, expands on how he gets his singers "off book" quickly and efficiently.

Memorizing music can be daunting, but choruses that require it report that their singers connect better with the conductor, with the music, and ultimately with the audience. The memorization techniques that worked for them can help ease the process.

Healthy vocal habits can help older adults continue to enjoy the benefits of choral singing. Erin Donahue and Wendy LeBorgne, voice pathologists from the Blaine Block Institute for Voice Analysis and Rehabilitation and the Professional Voice Center of Greater Cincinnati, share expert advice on staying vocally "fit".

The Eric Whitacre Singers recently made its debut U.S. tour in March, organized and presented by Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY.) Chorus America asked four of the Singers to provide some insight into life on the road, performing in American venues, and working with a choral "rock star."   

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