Considering a strategic alliance? You might also want to consider these best practices drawn from the major findings of the Mendelssohn Club's Strategic Alliances study featured in the article "The Art of Strategic Alliances" by Matthew Sigman.

Music director and radio host Tom Hall remembers his friend and colleague, jazz musician Dave Brubeck, who passed away just short of his 92nd birthday.

Chorus America polled a number of choral directors and singers about the pros and cons of allowing questions in rehearsal. Their answers shed light on different teaching and learning styles and the collaborative process in general.

Many choral directors take on administrative responsibility with little formal preparation. Here are strategies to excel in the office and boardroom as well as the concert hall.

When do partnerships add value and when do they distract from a chorus’s mission?  Philadelphia’s venerable Mendelssohn Club explores the spectrum of collaboration, from artistic to administrative.

As the world celebrates the centenary of this central figure of 20th century classical music, noted scholar John Evans illuminates the power and impact of his great choral-orchestral work.

Justin Montigne, a professional choral singer, voice teacher, and registered yoga teacher, teaches workshops, classes, and private lessons in the Bay Area and around the country. His interest in the free and easy alignment of body and instrument led him to yoga, which helped revolutionize his singing and teaching.

In Detroit, music and arts organizations are pooling their resources to buy management expertise. That's how Erica Battle, a certified public accountant, stepped into her position as executive director of the Detroit Children's Choir. Here she talks with Chorus America about the shared services model that has been successful in Detroit, her new role, and her recent experience at October's Chorus Management Institute.

Do you feel like the instructions you are giving your singers in rehearsal are not getting the desired result? Conductor Axel Theimer, the founder and artistic director of the Twin Cities-based Kantorei, has developed new approaches that align with research on how humans learn best. Consider his strategies for putting your singers at ease and tapping into their abilities.

If you’ve been on the internet during the past month, you’ve probably seen the quirky viral video of a chorus and orchestra covering the popular, can’t-get-it-out-of-your head song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. There are hundreds of other videos online covering the song, ranging from topics like NFL replacement referees to the United States Olympic swim team, so what makes this one so special? With more than two million hits and counting on YouTube, mentions in newspapers around the country, and even a featured performance on the Today Show, who knew choral music could go so viral?

One Voice Mixed Chorus, Minnesota's gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and allies chorus, is committed to building community and creating social change. The group's music director, Jane Ramseyer Miller, talked with Chorus America about how their mission propelled a unique outreach to public school students in the Twin Cities.

During campaign season, "government support" comes up often as a discussion topic. As the U.S. approaches its November election, it feels like an appropriate time to remind ourselves about how government support applies to the arts. Here are some thoughts from Chorus America to get you started.

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