This peripatetic Jenny Appleseed of melody continues to traverse the country as a distinguished teacher, coach, conductor, and advocate for words and melody

DC's "dean" of choral conductors steps down and reflects on a career that spanned a half century in the U.S. capital

The experience of several professional core choruses demonstrates there are ways to gracefully handle the inherent tension that arises when paid singers are brought on board in a mostly volunteer ensemble. Here are eight tips from managers, conductors, and volunteer singers who have been through this process.

Adding paid professional singers to a volunteer chorus raises issues of fairness, finances, artistic prowess, and culture. We offer advice for managing the process from those who've been through it.

Mom. It's one little word, but such an enormous job. In celebration of mothers, we asked members of our Facebook page to tell us: "What impact did your mother have on your life in music?"

Is your voice, like your body, showing some age? Voice specialist Leda Scearce offers insights and tips for keeping your instrument agile and well tuned.

Many young professionals lose the choral experience they loved in school. KellyAnn Nelson and Christopher Eanes hit on a surefire draw: Invite 20- and 30-somethings to rehearse and perform in a local bar.

Musical excellence attracts and retains excellent singers. If the choir never gets better, the best ones will find someplace else to sing. Here are seven strategies for maintaining and enhancing the quality of your chorus.

Videos play a vital role in advancing the careers of conductors today, both as self-evaluation tools and as a way to easily showcase skills to others. We explore two types of conducting videos, the guidelines to create them, and how to use them to enhance your career.

Anything worth doing requires playing the “inner game”—successfully navigating one’s own psychological landscape and overcoming the internal criticisms that get in the way of our best performance.

Today's radio programmers are moving past the bad rap of early research and experimenting with a richer mix of choral and vocal music.

In this Chorus America interview, Sheila Smith, executive director of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, describes an unusual alliance between hunters and fishermen, environmentalists and arts advocates that resulted in passage of a state amendment that provides dedicated state funding for all groups for 25 years.

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