Sabbaticals are being used by more nonprofits as an effective tool to retain and reward the best executive talent.

The majority of choruses in North America are all-volunteer organizations, from the singers who give their musical talent to the board members who run the organization. This poses special challenges for the treasurer in safeguarding and managing the finances. Here is a guide to keep your chorus transparent and accountable.

As the profession of chorus management matures, managers are finding new ways into their careers.

Having trouble getting the words to stick in your mind? Here are several strategies for succeeding at memorization.

How can choruses stay competitive in the quest for audience in a fast-changing world of busy lifestyles, cultural glut, home theaters, and web-based entertainment options? And how do we make the face of our audience younger and more colorful? Here are six strategies gleaned from recent research in arts marketing.

Choruses bring diverse people together to make beautiful music and offer us a much-needed antidote to the "i" epidemic.

Assembling the ideal board is less about fundraising prowess and more about about balancing the right skills.

The anatomy of choral intonation and techniques for improving it.

Winner of Chorus America’s 2010 Education Outreach Award, Chanticleer demonstrates how to grow an education program that touches the lives of the next generation of singers

Chorus America contacted representatives from about a dozen choral consortiums—umbrella groups that promote regional information sharing and collaboration among choruses. Those who manage these consortiums were eager to tell us about the advantages of collaboration, how they got started and why, and lessons they've learned along the way.

A strong brand is no longer just "nice-to-have" for cultural organizations—it's a necessity. It can engender loyalty, create advocates and ambassadors, and, when needed, provide a margin for forgiveness. Here's how to build your master brand.

Securing the rights to perform, commission, record, or distribute music gets more complicated with every technological advance—here are basic guidelines to keep your chorus on the right side of legal.

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