Composer Gabriela Lena Frank explores the evolving relationship with her audience, beginning with her doting parents.

We look back on the emergence of professional choruses in North America and the role of professional singers in bringing them public acclaim.

Have you been asked to serve as the chair of development committee? Here's what you need to know to tackle this important job and ensure the future of your chorus.

There are good reasons to have an audit even if it is not legally required. Audits provide an objective financial view of your organization. A few simple steps can make the process go more smoothly and keep the costs down.

An a cappella masterpiece of staggering beauty and power, Rachmaninoff's All-Night Vigil (or Vespers) presents many challenges for the choral singer. Grant Gershon, music director of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, chose the piece to open his 10th Anniversary season with LAMC. We talked with him about the work and how he prepared his singers to perform it.

A values-based strategy that aims to match donors with ways that they can give back to their communities—and removes the ego factor that can make fundraising scary.

Growing challenges in recruiting singers has led to creative tactics and new successes

Getting the word out to your local media is one of the best ways to ensure that arts patrons and the public know about the good work your chorus is doing. Here are tips for getting your chorus activities and performances noticed.

Singing is an anywhere, anytime activity in many parts of the world. There, it's not something you go to—it's something you are. What if we took music out into the world rather than always asking people to come to it? One ensemble endeavors to do just that by taking choral music to the most unlikely places.

A children's chorus manager is at at an impasse in moving her organization forward with the ambitious artistic plans for future growth. Several experts weigh in on how she should proceed.

Composers don't exist in a vacuum; they are continually influenced by their predecessors and peers, their culture and society. Here, we look at some of the influences (and influencers) reflected in Verdi's Requiem.

What do choral singers wish their chorus managers and music directors knew about them? What would make singers' experience in the chorus more enjoyable, more meaningful, more fun?

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