We all know that thanking our donors is more than good manners—it is a critical part of the donor relations process. But it is just the beginning of a longer- term effort to engage donors more deeply in our organizations.

There is perhaps no more fitting metaphor for bridging discord than voices joined in harmony.

Participation in a children's chorus yields a return on investment that might seem hard to quantify at first. Parents talk about the many rewards—growing confidence, enhanced musical knowledge and skill, an ability to work together in an accepting, nurturing community, opportunities to travel and learn about other cultures, close friendships—and the challenges of such an investment.

Vocal health expert Margaret Baroody sheds light on common medical conditions that are at the root of vocal ailments.

Use technology to your advantage. Here are several free online resources to aid and manage your singing life, as well as a few for singers who also double as teachers, section leaders, or conductors.

In many cases, we've been led to believe that the ability to sing well is a talent you're born with—not a skill you can develop. But that's simply not the case: Most everyone can improve their vocal abilities and musicianship skills.

No matter where your chorus is on the road toward artistic excellence, you can take steps to get better—a diverse sample of choruses tell their inspiring stories.

Adventuresome repertoire, distinctive voices, flexible organizations, and innovative productions have expanded the concept of what a professional chorus looks like today—here's what it takes to excel.

A Chorus America Board chair reflects upon important characteristics to consider when recruiting candidates for your chorus's board.

In principle, we live in a sea of air. Singing is vibrating that air: We take a breath, our abdominals engage and we send the air back up our windpipe. And that's about all there is to it. It's just that simple—and it's just that hard.

All of us in the arts feel the pinch in a recession. Here is the story of how the Tucson Chamber Artists weathered the storm of economic bad news during one year, employing adaptive strategies throughout the season to overcome them.

A professional with experience on both sides of the mic reveals five fundamentals of good media relations.

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