Is a chorus still a chorus if the singers are singing from their computers?

One singer fights the holiday doldrums by traveling to London for a choral Christmas marathon.

There was a time not so long ago when Sergei Rachmaninoff's All-Night Vigil was virtually unknown outside of Russia. But an early transliteration of the work and some pivotal recordings helped to catch the attention of Western choral groups and audiences. We interview choral conductor and Russian music expert Alexander Ruggieri, who tells the story of the Vigil's emergence as one of the best-loved choral masterpieces.

To choral singers, Handel's Messiah is as familiar—and as well loved—as their favorite pair of slippers. But what do we really know about this choral masterwork? Harvard music professor and historian Thomas Kelly talks to Chorus America about how this great oratorio came to be and why it captures our hearts like no other piece.

For singers, the breath is everything. This article and video clips from mezzo-soprano Ory Brown's class held at the Berkshire Choral Festival offer some helpful hints and vocal exercises to get the air moving.

"Help! Is there anything I can do to reduce excessive vibrato when I sing?"

Choral music—especially a cappella choral music—is more popular than ever it seems. Chorus America sat down with Deke Sharon, founder of the Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA) and a producer of NBC's The Sing-Off, to get the inside scoop behind the a cappella choral music movement and its current place in pop culture.

Whether your needs are as simple as amplifying announcements from the podium or as complex as balancing voices with instruments in a large space, paying attention to sound design can make or break your concert.

The All-Night Vigil doesn't last all night anymore, but doing what it takes to perform it well certainly can keep conductors and singers up nights. Here are five tips for conquering this masterpiece:

Well...not for dummies, but for choral singers who wonder, "Do I really, really have to learn the International Phonetic Alphabet?" Of course you don’t, but your singing experience could be much more enjoyable if you do.

We all know that thanking our donors is more than good manners—it is a critical part of the donor relations process. But it is just the beginning of a longer- term effort to engage donors more deeply in our organizations.

There is perhaps no more fitting metaphor for bridging discord than voices joined in harmony.

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