Like a romantic relationship, joining a choir is a commitment that requires give and take—and lots of time. Lately, however, you feel like your choir participation has been more of a time consuming chore, rather than something you signed up to do for fun. How do you know when enough's enough?

So you thought you could count...that is, until you met the 7/8 and 5/4 time signatures. Honestly, why are those meters so troublesome?

Composer Michael Shaieb's oratorio, "Through a Glass, Darkly," is making choral music a vehicle to address methamphetamine addiction in the gay community. When the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC set out to perform it, they did a lot more than just learn the music. Read about the comprehensive outreach initiative they developed to bring this growing social problem to light.

Unraveling the mystery of music's profound impact on the human brain.

Professionally produced recordings are still one of the best ways you can enhance the quality, image, reputation, and morale of your chorus.

Think choral music is only found in drafty churches or formal concert halls? Think again! These innovators are stretching our imaginations and taking choral performances to the next level.

What happens when you take your concert to a museum, armory, warehouse, stone mill, or parking garage? Performing music in unusual venues can ignite a spark of creativity and community connection for choruses.

Engage, equip, and empower volunteers to help your chorus reach its fullest fundraising potential.

Choruses are pouring more resources and creativity into education outreach programs that have a far-reaching impact on students, teachers, schools, and communities—as well as on the choral artists who deliver them.

After more than a decade as chief executive of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Allison Vulgamore took a sabbatical to travel to a prison in Morocco for boys. She shares her transformative experience of preparing them to sing in a concert without the benefit of a shared language.

Personal stories can be a vital way to communicate the value of your chorus.

Renowned choral composer and conductor Alice Parker shares with us her observations about singers and tells us why we are a special bunch.

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