In principle, we live in a sea of air. Singing is vibrating that air: We take a breath, our abdominals engage and we send the air back up our windpipe. And that's about all there is to it. It's just that simple—and it's just that hard.

All of us in the arts feel the pinch in a recession. Here is the story of how the Tucson Chamber Artists weathered the storm of economic bad news during one year, employing adaptive strategies throughout the season to overcome them.

A professional with experience on both sides of the mic reveals five fundamentals of good media relations.

"Mò Li Hua" (Jasmine Flower) has been popular since the Qing Dynasty.

We asked choral singers all over the continent to tell about their "mountaintop" experience as a choral singer. The responses were heartwarming, tear-jerking, hysterical, awe-inspiring, and... a great reminder of why we sing.

Like a romantic relationship, joining a choir is a commitment that requires give and take—and lots of time. Lately, however, you feel like your choir participation has been more of a time consuming chore, rather than something you signed up to do for fun. How do you know when enough's enough?

So you thought you could count...that is, until you met the 7/8 and 5/4 time signatures. Honestly, why are those meters so troublesome?

Unraveling the mystery of music's profound impact on the human brain.

Composer Michael Shaieb's oratorio, "Through a Glass, Darkly," is making choral music a vehicle to address methamphetamine addiction in the gay community. When the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC set out to perform it, they did a lot more than just learn the music. Read about the comprehensive outreach initiative they developed to bring this growing social problem to light.

Professionally produced recordings are still one of the best ways you can enhance the quality, image, reputation, and morale of your chorus.

Think choral music is only found in drafty churches or formal concert halls? Think again! These innovators are stretching our imaginations and taking choral performances to the next level.

Engage, equip, and empower volunteers to help your chorus reach its fullest fundraising potential.

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