Like oil on water, there's probably good reason for the conventional wisdom that solo singing and choral singing just don't mix. And yet, there are growing numbers of professional singers who are bridging both worlds and are building complete and joyful careers singing both solo and choral repertoire. In fact, for many, it is the choral part of their careers that is most gratifying to them.

Children's choruses from San Francisco sang for millions at the inauguration ceremony of President Barack Obama. Here's what happened on that historic day.

Choruses have a real chance to be innovators and maybe help lead the way for all the arts.

We sat down with Conspirare founder and artistic director Craig Hella Johnson to get the inside scoop on how the group came to be and the magic behind their success.

Much in the same way you might stop and get to know your neighbors during a snowstorm, a difficult piece can draw singers together in solidarity amdist the flurry of notes.

You might think that, as singers, we'd be much more in tune, so to speak, with the need for regular replenishment of our "precious bodily fluids." But this is not necessarily so.

You might consider any type of practice to be deliberate, but it may take a very specific kind of practice to achieve real proficiency.

The Bach B Minor Mass takes Olympian fortitude to learn and perform. In this interview with conductor and historian Dennis Shrock, we take a look at the history of the work and what singers can do to make the performance experience easier on themselves.

All you need to know is various combinations of half-steps and whole-steps.

For those who never learned, didn’t understand, slept through class, or simply forgot.

An understanding of chords can also help you to understand the workings of melody.

Every once in a while, an invention comes along that changes the game. Like the invention of the light bulb, the washing machine, the Internet, and the garlic press, the development of the key signature was positively monumental—to musicians, at least.

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