The goal of a concert is not to perform great music well, but to co-create personally relevant experiences together inside the music.

There are a few things we could all benefit from knowing about how a chorus functions as a nonprofit organization.

Tenor Michael Lichtenauer describes his unlikely journey from a desk job in Kansas to a career as a professional singer with Chanticleer and then the Los Angeles Master Chorale—and the lessons he learned along the way.

The evidence just keeps rolling in: Choral singing is good for your health.

Choral conductor Tom Hall pulls back the veil on several well-loved choral works in this interview.

Richard Westenburg, the founder of New York's famed chorus and orchestra, Musica Sacra, died of colon cancer on February 20, 2008. Westenburg had been an important fixture on the New York scene for more than 40 years.

Composer David Lang tells about the creative vision of Bang on a Can: Take concerts apart and put them back together again so that music can be heard with fresh ears.

As singers age, what used to be easy becomes harder—sustaining the high notes, singing through a phrase on one breath, doing a smooth crescendo and decrescendo. Here's a look at several strategies for overcoming the challenges of an aging voice.

Can meditation make you a better singer? Yes, and that's not all. Meditation can improve relaxation, concentration, and even health.

Amanda White, a coloratura soprano living and working in New York City, offered these tips in Classical Singer, a magazine for singers pursuing professional solo careers. We thought they made great sense for choral singers, too.

Tired of the bar scene? Online dating services not doing it for you? Have you considered joining a chorus?

Choral singers have a particular kind of courage—not the courage of those who climb mountains, but the courage of those who show up and practice.

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