Cincinnati Children's Choir Resident Choir Program Revised

Due to the overwhelming response to, interest in, and extraordinary talent auditioning for the Resident Choir Program of the Cincinnati Children's Choir, we are pleased to announce a complete re-organization of the six choirs that meet at the College-Conservatory of Music throughout the school year.
Our New Choir Organization Features:

Bel Canto Choir -  

CCC's advanced youth and primary touring choir for singers in grades 6 -12.


Cincinnati Girl Choir -  

CCC's chamber ensemble for 10th - 12th grade girls.


Cincinnati Young Men's Choir -  

CCC's chamber ensemble for advanced singers with changing/changed voices.   


Con Brio -   

CCC's choir for intermediate and advanced singers in grades 5 - 9.


Vivace -  

CCC's choir for children in grades 4 - 8. 


Piccolo Coro -  

CCC's choir serving as an introduction to choral singing, musicianship, and the philosophies of the program for children in grades 1 - 4.  


Visit our website for more information about each of these choirs!

As we have noted over the past year, the level of achievement and quality of performances of all our choirs have been extraordinary.  Our ensembles have reached new levels and demand the highest level of musicianship and talent.  Rosters for Bel Canto and Con Brio are nearly full! 

With the level of interest generated at the World Choir Games and Summer Festival, we have had to redefine the qualification levels for all our ensembles.  The bar has been raised across the board.

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