Singers Unite to Support Survivors of Gun Violence

First Annual National Sing-In March 8, 2020


Requiem and Remembrance Day seeks singers and singing groups of all genres to take part in a day of national unity and healing through music and song in the first National Sing-In on March 8, 2020.


The day presents the opportunity for all Americans to acknowledge and express their sadness about the terrible toll of gun violence, offer their solace, support, and solidarity to the bereaved, and pay tribute to those who have been lost.


“Every time we learn about yet another senseless shooting our hearts break all over again,” says founder Helene Byrne. “So many of these tragedies have occurred for so long that many of us have become numb, and as individuals feel powerless to affect any kind of meaningful response.”


Music has the power to heal, impart deeply meaningful messages, and unite diverse communities around a common cause. Songs that speak to loss can help us understand and cope with difficult emotions, mitigate the pain and isolation of grief, and sow the seeds of hope and healing.


In addition to community Sing-Ins, Requiem and Remembrance Day will include an array of online events such as the uploading of memorials songs, musical dedications, and commemorative posts across social media platforms.

From belle canto to rap, song-selfies to fully orchestrated productions, all genres of singers, musicians, songwriters, and composers are encouraged to add their voices so that the messages of caring and support will resonate throughout every community across the country.


“We think of requiems as being formal classical works, but in reality, any song or musical composition written or performed in honor of the dead is a requiem,” explains Byrne. “Music heals. Music has the power to change lives. Singing together, we can collectively harness this power to make a meaningful positive impact in our own lives, and the lives of others.”


Those interested in hosting a Sing-In in their community are encouraged to download the Requiem and Remembrance Day Sing-In Programming Guide, and add details about their event at

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