A Time for Change

Acappellago is excited to announce the most momentous change in our history, as our founders pass us on to the next generation of leadership. Dennis and Pat Smith, our founders, Music Director, and President respectively, are retiring from Acappellago on June 30 after seventeen seasons. However, to carry on with our great tradition of a cappella music, please join with us in welcoming Vicki Linich as next season’s Music Director! It is with great excitement that we look forward to our future, under her direction!

Vicki comes to us with an ongoing and successful career in music. She currently sings with us as an outstanding alto. An established composer, Vicki is also the music director of the Congregational Church of Batavia, is President and owner of Linich Music and teaches voice and piano privately. She also brings a warm, loving perspective to music. Our themes for next season include “Escape to A Winter Wonderland” and “Escape to Springtime, the Only Pretty Ring Time!” (Shakespeare anyone?) We’re truly excited to see what she has planned for us!

Denis and Pat are moving to Hilton Head SC, for a well-deserved retirement. Their home there will undoubtedly be filled with music and with the satisfaction of having delivered a wonderful sound to our western suburbs. We all wish them the best as words cannot express how much we’ll miss them.

But the music goes on! And we will continue to deliver the best of a cappella music to our community! Rest assured that the Board of Directors, Vicki Linich, and I are firmly committed to growing our presence, our music and our love for the great ensemble that Pat and Dennis created.

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