Where you sing in 2013?

Events for everyone

13 events in all are waiting for international choir singers in 2013. Nine countries will host traditional and new INTERKULTUR competitions to participate.

Among them pioneer competitions, such as the International Choir Competition and Festival in Budapest, Hungary and also new destinations in the world. New features are the European Choir Games in July 2013 in Graz, Austria, or the first International Copernicus Choir Festival & Competition in Torun, Poland. The Sing ‘n' Joy festival in Manila, Philippines brings up the rear of this year's participation possibilities. Also on the list once more: Asia Pacific Choir Games in October in Indonesia. Last time they were held in South Korea 2009.

If you have not decided yet, please note the various registration deadline. Events starting from June 2013 give more time, registration closes at the end of February. By the way, Traverse City West Sr. High School Choral - Aires from Michigan will be in Budapest for the Int. Choir Competition & Festival Budapest, Hungary. Good luck and enjoy it!

Regardless of which competition you choose, we look forward to your participation and thank you for your loyalty through the years.


Sing with us in 2013! (Photo: Clifford Turrell)



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