The Burt Family Carols Listening Sampler

This listening sampler accompanies the article "Carrying On a Family Tradition of Carol Writing."

As a young girl, Abbie Betinis noticed that singing “Caroling, Caroling” during the holidays always brought tears to her grandpa’s eyes. Later she would learn that the famous carol was one of many composed by her great uncle Alfred Burt, who was carrying on a family tradition of carol writing begun by his father, the Rev. Bates Burt. In 2001, Betinis, by then a composer herself, decided to pick up the family carol writing tradition.

Rev. Bates G. Burt (1878-1948)

Let’s Have a Merry Song Tonight
Happy Voices, Sweetly Singing
When I View the Mother Holding
Let Christmas Be Merry

Alfred Burt (1920-1954)

Caroling, Caroling
Nigh Bethlehem
This is Christmas (Bright Bright the Holly Berries)
The Star Carol

Abbie Burt Betinis (b.1980)

Run, Toboggan, Run
Be Like the Bird
The Mirthful Heart
Behind the Clouds

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